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The court stood on your side, he must be a good reason. As a rule, in the office of the institution to a potential borrower will provide the phone number of the financial institution partner, which he will be able to get a wide range of information about conditions of granting of the loan, interest rate and other important aspects. However, even then it will be necessary to observe a number of important formalities, among which is the fact that cost of urban real estate serving as collateral must not be lower than the estimated amount of the loan. It should be noted that loans to purchase real estate are considered to be rational, however, some borrowers even when getting these loans manage to overreact. However, if the Bank is not going to meet you have to go to court. The court stood on your side, he must be a good reason. According to most psychologists about obtaining loans most often think people with low incomes. ...

That is, the borrower will have to pay 10 Grand to get funds. However, in any case, the loan inherited, become a headache not the heir, and his guardians. In other words, to pay the loan all heirs have accepted the inheritance, to avoid this will not succeed.

Actually the problem is only in that the borrower did not pay attention on such an important point or didn't understand it. It is obvious that the refusal of the inheritance in favor of third parties to transferred liabilities and the payment of the loan. To accept the inheritance is given a fixed term – 6 months.